The Importance of Being Right

Startups are everywhere and it is clearly a race fit for the fittest to survive. During discussions with Startup founders and people who are part of emerging as well as successful startups, the one factor that clearly stands out as being essential to one’s success is having a formidable team to deliver on your dreams. It’s not about how much time someone spends performing tasks or how loyal someone is to your company. The worth of an employee should be measured with the value he or she adds day after day in your attempt to fulfill a clear vision. Founders are at fault as well when they fail to align their teams and guide them as per the company’s expectations from each employee.

Traditional modes of working have worked so far in building sustainable businesses for a reason. Structures that are well defined help you lay a solid foundation and even with an informal startup atmosphere prevailing in the office, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have everything working for you in a streamlined manner.

Team Work Works

Is your team working as a team or as a bunch of idiots placed together with no idea about what to do throughout the day? Sadly, that’s a major reason why many startups are failing. They fail to realize how damaging it is to rely on people who don’t share the same vision as you, or are not delivering as per their roles and responsibilities. A CTO of the company, for example, shouldn’t be busy attending to calls from customers. This is a low level task that doesn’t require a huge pay package, or a resource that’s accomplished in solving technology based problems for your organization.


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