The ‘Year of Mercy’ and a subverted repentance

The ‘Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy’, commonly known as the ‘Year of Mercy’ will complete its annual period of prayer soon.
A year long period of repentance and pardon, it is needed much more today and not for the sake of religion or tradition but to eliminate today’s Anti Christ: Ignorance. We are the ignorant clan. Ignorant of our inevitable miseries. Ignorant of the ways we can somehow rectify them.
I do not speak of sins or innocent mistakes we are all, as mere human beings, accustomed to.
I speak of subversion.
Mistakes we never considered as mistakes and forgiveness for deeds we never thought need to be forgiven.
We have hurt our land, our people, and our environment. From terrorism to deforestation, we have hurt nature and everything about it. Yet we never realize the extent of the harm done. We never realize the need to undo! This year of mercy, we ought to ask nature to forgive us and we need to give her a reason to do so, for who is greater than mother Earth?
My visit to the Vatican City a while back was a kind of revelation to me, an epiphany to my subconscious. Never before did I think of the repercussions of our deeds and since then, I have vowed to do my bit to repent. The concept of DOT’s electric vehicles was a result of that. We have taken so much from nature and have given her nothing but depreciation in return. How could that be forgiven by the Lord who is the creator of that very Earth we destroy?
Haven’t we done enough to necessitate the need for a second coming? If this is not the time to repent, I can’t say when is!
Repent today to be forgiven tomorrow.


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