Olympics and the ‘Needful’ Trend

Trend is what unites us and paradoxically, sets us apart too.  I wonder what kind of trend is available to be followed. The one we want or the one we need? More often than not, it is the ‘want’ we run after, and not the ‘need’.  Needs are taken for granted and the unlimited wants win. Trend follows suit.

With the Rio Olympics in trend right now and its vivid celebrations with fireworks and festivities symbolizing the joy of sports, I began to observe a need together with the several wants the Olympics usually associates itself with. This time, I am presuming for the first time ever, the organizers of the Rio Olympics have initiated a very ‘needful’ trend. Some 10,500 athletes were given ‘seeds of hope’ to plant, that would later culminate in trees and will ultimately make up a forest, named ‘The Athletes’ Forest’. Hopefully, this could encourage other influential organizations and companies, and also the common public to do their bit to contribute toward saving the environment. To go pro environment is the need of the hour, not a want and it is such a relief to see people finally taking it seriously. Olympics already has a brand image of itself. Now with an environment friendly perspective, it can garner more popularity and at the same time, serve the moral purpose of planting trees and saving the Earth.

So many of us hook up to our TVs and internet to stay updated about any ongoing activity. Who won, who lost. The Rio Olympic Organization has put up a brilliant idea by making the athletes plant the trees. It is a symbolic gesture, sure but it has certainly affected the people rooting for their favorite athlete. We tend to follow our idols in whatever they do and if people actually follow this new Olympic trend of planting trees, at least 10,500 trees would be guaranteed in near future. This is a small step toward achievement of the desired project. The desired hopefulness.
Nevertheless, it is an important one.

We cannot dismiss facts. They are the truth and the fact about environment depletion is alarmingly truthful enough. With businesses and organizations capable of influencing people, the responsibility to act in favor of environment lies with them in a broader scope.

I was highly impressed with Sprout Pencils and their inventive idea that would not only help in the plantation of trees but would guarantee more buyers for their product too. It is a win win situation for any business to be successful in the commercial market and be a morally responsible entity as well. Their new concept of sustainable pencils ensures zero wastage. They have replaced the eraser that usually sits on the top of the pencil, with a special seed capsule that can be planted after you have you used the pencil. With such inventive measures, they have earned appreciation by everyone alike.

With DOT too, we did our bit in the Surge Conference held at Bangalore in February 2016. In an attempt to draw attention to our mission of saving the environment, we distributed seeds to all the attendees. We did this in the hope that they would realize that there are many of us who have never planted in our life,  yet we expect a clean and green world for ourselves. Who’s going to ensure this if not us?

Now, some might think of these environment friendly measures of campaigning as being just a gimmick and almost condemn these acts. Gimmick or not, they do serve a much needed purpose of saving the environment.

The constant warnings by nature and scientists cannot be ignored anymore. We have facts by scientists; we have been witnesses of an ever increasing number of natural disasters. What else are we waiting for?

This is the Age of Reason and Romanticism both and that gives each of us the ability, the time, the purpose, and most importantly, the ‘Need’ to act. The need to save ourselves, our future and the future of this world.  And what better way to do that than by having some big organization like Rio Olympics making it a trend?


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