Thinking Beyond Boundaries

Conventional thinking is a sign that one may not be indulging in the act of thinking, but is merely under the influence of popular notions. It is an affliction that ails many, but it escapes diagnosis, as not all are keen on looking within themselves for better understanding of their self. Unconventional thinking requires one to be inquisitive as well as interested. Curiosity has resulted in unconventional ideas that have shaped the world into what it is at the present. When you stop thinking, you stop creating, and are relegated to a life devoid of inspiration.

Having stated why we must think, I would like to further illustrate the need for thinking in a world that thrives on borrowed ideas.

Thinking needs to be encouraged at a young age itself, and no parent should impose their ideas on the child, if the child displays a flair for creative thinking. Be a guide, but don’t let your parental instincts get in the way of their perceptions. Don’t let them grow up to be copies of your self. Originality is priceless, but surely you know this by now.

When imitation becomes a habit, the mind ceases to produce original ideas, and such a life can never be anything, but uninspired and mediocre. Not all are, however, blessed with a tendency to question, investigate and make a difference with their thinking. This is what differentiates the greatest minds from the ordinary ones. Intelligence is an attribute of those who choose to think. When you believe in your ideas, however preposterous they seem, you will go places no one has ever been to. Thoughts have no boundaries and the mind is capable of soaring to new heights, subject to your working upon freeing it from limitations and the confines of fear.



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