A Conversation With The Future Me

My mind’s a vacuum at the moment, and yet I’m here on WordPress to pen down something for me to look back upon later in life. On that dreary note to self, let me start today’s post…Who do I write for and why do I write? That’s something one can never figure out but one does it anyway. Folks in the old days had to go an extra mile for everything due to lack of technology. Life was hard for almost everyone, and undeniably, more so for black lives. Life is easier today for some of us. But is it any better? Nobody’s actually happy anymore. I look around and I see widespread hollowness or maybe it’s just me. Contentment is in extinction mode and human behaviour is getting stranger by the day. (Perhaps I should build a museum of all the emotions that are now relics!)

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs is a good movie to recall in this context. Not that I care if anyone feels it’s out of context. Too much of a good thing can turn into something terribly bad and that seems to be what’s afflicting this selfie-clickin’ generation. As stated previously, my mind’s vacuous and my thoughts are erratic. And what can probably be the reason behind the current state of affairs?

Is it the Delhi air? People have been screaming online that they cannot breathe. What are they doing about it? And are they interested in a solution or are they too tired with life to care about solutions. My work and my green mission in life requires me to keep an eye on what’s happening in this space and all I see is empty rhetoric. We go round and round in circles and seem to be well on our way to nowhere. Positively talking too much and doing very little.

As a young man, this certainly is not what I had visualized for myself. I am quite surprised at all the good and bad things life has brought my way. One learns as one lives. Too bad I didn’t write a letter to the present me to remember exactly what I thought life was going to be like at this present moment. I’m caught between the past and the future, and it’s most certainly the future that excites me.

Sayonara, drifter.


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