The 4 D’s of Desire

My recent observations have led me to the conclusion that the modern man is driven solely by desire. The desire to live and the desire to avoid death by all means is deeply entrenched in our mental makeup. Whether we pay attention to our actions or not, our world revolves around chasing dreams and in this journey to unbridled happiness, we are often accompanied by the 4 D’s of Desire: Dawa, Daru, Duwa, and Death.

Dawa is the Hindi word for Medicine and the slightest sign of physical discomfort pushes us to reach for medicines to stay in good health. Sickness reminds us of our intense desire to never fall sick again! Daru is the answer to all problems faced by someone who depends on alcohol to numb any signs of distress or to eclipse the world and reach a state of oblivion. When Dawa and Daru don’t work, the only solution that comes to mind is Duwa. Our belief in God and a hope that prayers will get us through is strongly felt. Testing times lead us to the doorstep of that supreme being we look at as our last hope. The last step in this desire to live is to see Death knocking on our door. Can we stop death from reaching out for us? Can we control the inevitable?

Die we all must someday, but why aren’t we doing enough to live longer and happier? Beats me. We spend our days fighting over meaningless things. We don’t stop to create happy memories. Man has the beautiful gift of love and human expression made possible in extraordinary words and heartfelt emotions. Instead of pleasure, we choose pain. We choose to suffer. We embrace misery. Why is that?

WARS! Has anyone figured out why people are killing each other in the name of religion, countries, differences, greed, superiority complexes and for whatever other reason the human mind is capable of conjuring? It’s an open invitation to Death to win every single day! What good has a War ever done to anyone anyway? We have reached a stage where battles have become the order of the day. Hate seems to be the dominant emotion wherever you go. And one may never find a logical explanation for any of this madness.

Men are out in the snow leading miserable lives in the hopes to pin a medal against their chest. Splendid battles are being fought, but at what cost?

The thing that binds all the 4 D’s of Desire is the existence of a system that works like clockwork. Medicines can be accessed in well packaged bottles and these are available in chemist stores managed by professionals. Same is the case with alcohol (Daru). We go out for drinks, we drink at home and we drink ourselves to death. Prayers are systematically conducted and there are religious groups in place for each faith to organize and connect with God in a way conditioned by those in charge. One may think that Death has no system and it’s the only thing that is unsystematic in life, but it isn’t so. Death too is a well organized segment of human life and one can book a casket of his or her choice, have a will in place, prepare for the impossible-to-prove afterlife, decide on burial or cremating procedures, finalize the exact specifications of one’s final day. The finality with which one believes in rebirth is flummoxing.

The desire to experience everything that life has to offer through all the sense organs should be the sole purpose of man. Why then are most of us entangled in these unexplainable chains that promise nothing but suffocation and misery for all?

Something worth thinking about?


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