Never too late

A sudden call about Mahesh being rushed to a hospital, with no specifics about the name of the hospital or the location  created a sense of unease in me. He looked alright in the morning when he served me my breakfast. There were no signs of anything being wrong with the man. My colleagues and I looked at all the places where he could possibly be and finally found him in AIIMS, and the nondescript corridors of the hospital smelled of death at that late hour of the night. It was midnight when we struggled to find Mahesh who was admitted to a hospital after suffering brain damage. What brought on such a severe change of fate, I have little clue at the moment. Flashbacks of our discussions on changing habits, eating right and looking after one’s health were playing over and over in my head. These are things that I usually am aware of but I like to push them off to the back of my mind. I don’t know whether it’s pity or frustration that I feel whenever I think of the paralysed man whose services and presence in the house I took for granted.

Habits define the course of life and I say this to myself and to others at the risk of sounding preachy. If we don’t value our lives or the planet we are all members of, why bother living anyway? Why not just pull the plug on life and call it a day. To selfishly exist is something that is easy, but what’s hard is to think of one’s existence as meaningful to others who are attached to us by virtue of birth or through a wide range of human emotions. Mahesh lying paralysed in the hospital with a damaged brain brought home the message of reckless living once again.

Maybe I should have bothered with difficult discussions till he was on the same page as I. Would that have made a difference? It’s up to us what we do to us and to our surroundings but does being a spectator to the problems that exist make them go away. I feel guilty that I may have turned a blind eye to the many wrongs people do to themselves and to the only planet we belong to. Earth is not just a planet we are living in; it is our home and why are we so reluctant about doing the right things, when it is the only way in which we can salvage and do something about the damage that has already been done for centuries. It’s never too late to wake up to the problems that stare us in the face. There’s always time to wake up and make choices that matter. I’m unsure about Mahesh’s fate and chances of recovery but there’s still time to do something about making Earth a place where my Nessa can breathe fresh air and have access to the same things that I do now.


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